Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Hoping you all had a happy holiday season.
If you're feeling like me, you're happy it's coming to a close and things will be settling down a bit (a lot!).

It'll be nice to snuggle up on these cold winter days
and take some time to examine the past year and to contemplate this one ahead.
No late night celebrating to ring in 2012 for me-it's early to bed, early to rise,
gotta get up and ready for work before many are closing their eyes.


I wish you all 
happiness, heath & harmony in 2012!
And, may all else that you wish for yourself come true! 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Journal Pages

As a  child, I always liked the idea of keeping a diary. 
But, most of my writing seemed so mundane when I later revisited it-the rest was
far too personal to ever chance being read by others.
As an adult, all of my journals (except for my last) met the same end as those diaries-I destroyed them.
Instead of destroying this latest one, which I managed to write in (irregularly)
 for a few years, I decided to re-purpose the pages and create my first
visual journal.
I rather liked the idea of adding layers to each page instead of destroying them.
These made-over pages are more congruent with my personality.
I've never been a wordy person, but rather quiet and introspective - so much going on in my head and heart, not so much being verbally expressed. 
Scanner error: top words should be orange.
Artist error: word churnig = churning
 The underlying writings on each page are (mostly) my
oh-so-private inner thoughts.
 The overlying layers are visual expressions of those thoughts accompanied by just enough words to comfortably convey a thought or message.
I still have many old journal pages to cover over in this book.
But, when those pages are finished, I will start a new one in this same manner -
writing first, then layering to cover it over. 
The writing is cathartic. It feels good to pen my thoughts onto paper.
And then, it feels safer to masque... shroud... alter... distort... 
It seems to me that having that first layer of writing is a necessary step. 
Those words... thoughts, help in guiding...forming the succeeding layers.
In this journal I feel free to play and experiment with a variety of materials including
(but not limited to) gesso, acrylic and watercolor paints, gel pens,
magazine clippings...
Some are are more playfull, while others are guided by deeper thoughtful desires.
Some of these pages actually help me to work through issues that concern me.
Like, this page on dreaming...
I did set an intention to remember my dreams.
Only two mornings later I was able to recall what I had been dreaming and have done so ever since.
Many other pages are full of doodles, some of which actually turn into design ideas for other works.
She evolved from this snippet on a page full of bird doodles.
There are two other birds on this page that will later be translated into
mosaic works.
I will save them to show when those works are complete.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bulbous Beauties

Been waiting, waiting, waiting,  
for mushrooms and other interesting fungi to appear this year and ...
So, I went to previous years photos and dug up
bulbous beauties.

Oh, the horror of uploading/downloading with dial-up internet.
I dream of
one day moving out of the dark-ages and enjoying
all that a high speed internet connection offers.

Oh, to dream...

I endure the slow suffering
so that I may enjoy connecting with all of you!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

PBsArtStudio Giveaway

Aren't these paintings just delightful!
Imagine having one specially made 
of -or- for
Well, that's what Patti of PBs Art Studio is offering in her giveaway.
Iknow, RIGHT!

Oh, the possibilities.
I'm already envisioning what mine might look like.

Me as a mermaid...
or, on a swing, perhaps, like this lovely...
with my beloved odd-eyed persian kitty alongside.
Hurry over to
and put yourself in for this giveaway
and dream up a painting of your own.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Primordial Depths

Fused glass elements on a background of stained glass with bits of mirror.
The fused glass pieces add a bit of dimension to this design.

My favorite detail...
I love the way an outlining effect is created
when certain glass colors react with each other in the kiln.

Grout color testers-
navy won out over teal.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Do Plants Suffer Too?

Do plants suffer too?
Do you suppose plants feel pain?
If not physical pain, how about emotional pain?

I remember wanting to touch this plant and transfer to it my thoughts of love and healing...
but, I was afraid to.

Saturday, 16 July 2011


she's a flirty bird...
sometimes cool, sometimes coy...
...always shameless!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ravishing Rust

Ravishing Rust 

Some welded steel sculptures I made in a basic welding class.

It was an interesting experience being the only female, 
and artist type,
in a shop full of men with practical applications for welding in mind.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Gifting Forward

At the start of this year I responded to a Handmade-Gift-It-Forward post from a facebook friend.
The first five people to comment on her post would get something
handmade by her as a gift sometime within this year.
But, in turn,
they must also re-post this same offer on their own wall
and gift-it-forward to five other people. 

I was surprised to see that only 3 people,
including myself, had responded to her post. 
I was also surprised to see that only two people responded to my own,
especially considering that I had made a point to say that
it could be something a simple as a batch of home-made cookies. 

six months later,
feeling guilty because I still hadn't finished the gifts for my pledges,
I now understand that all those other people were not necessarily uninterested
in receiving or gifting handmade.
They must have had enough forsight to realize that sometimes life gets in the way and things go undone.
guilt about promises unkept is a nagging beast! 


I am now very happy and relieved
to have finally finished the gifts that I promised.


Jason's Tobasco Bottle
The first is for my cousin, Jason, a very gregarious and impulsive young man. 
This was designed specially, including the substrate, with him in mind.
Knowing Jason, I have created my own meaning for the imagery in the piece. 
But, art is subjective and I don't want to influence how he interperets it.  
I'm sure he will enjoy creating his own story to give meaning to the abstract design on this Tobasco bottle.
It will be interesting to someday compare our thoughts on the subject.

Jason's Tobasco Bottle

The second is for my neice, Rachel, a young, expecting mother.
Since she already owns the Secret Garden mosaic mirror,
I decided to create something other than a mosaic for her.

Rachel's Talisman
Purple was a must - her favorite color. 
The small beads and claw-like shell dangles were
clustered in threes to represent she, and he, and the expected baby.
And, the central spiral represents her feminine power, the pregnant belly, journrying, balance... and much more.
I hope she will enjoy it's meaning and purpose!

Rock Zombie

I have a hard time throwing anything away that I think 
I might possibly put to use in the future.
For this reason I have a growing stash of malformed and broken lampwork beads,
and melted bits of fused glass.

From this stash,
I gleaned a pair of cold-staring, bloodshot eyes,
as well as
a set of hideously menacing choppers.  

I don't know if it was those pieces that inspired this comically creepy creature
or if it was just a mood I was in at the time.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Meet Tex

I love this turtle!!!
Meet Tex ---
22 years together, he and I.
He is very precious to me.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Phlox Burst

Tiny fused glass buds
fairly bursting with bloom.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


2" x 3" x 4"
What a sweet, sweet monster!

Vacancy: Genie Wanted

I'll promise not to
cork you in
if you'll grant me endless wishes,

entertain me,
be my muse,
do my laundry, and wash the dishes.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beautiful Decay

There is beauty even in decay.

The Apple - Famously Irresistable

This apple,
my first commission,
 was made from a beautifully shimmery, gold tinted, red ceramic dish.
The stem, leaf, and bottom-end flower remains
 were hand forged (by my man) from sheet copper.

I designed this apple with a religious theme in mind.
 The seeds, on one half, form a heart shape representing God's love. 
The worm, eating it's way through the other half, represents the serpent
that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden. 

I had nearly resigned to use some bright red ceramic tile 
that I had purchased because I could find nothing finer.
Then there it was, in the last place I looked,
a perfectly glowing, deep-red ceramic dish that was supremely suited for this "Forbidden Fruit" sculpture.


I knew the bright red that I had forgone for the gold-lustre red was not well suited to my vision at the time, but I never stopped wondering if that particular red, that lacked the depth I desired for that particular piece, could still satisfactorily dress an apple.


Turns out, it did!
It looks deliciously crisp and sweet,

yet sour.

Notice this apple has a dual nature too?
I guess I couldn't resist; It just seems natural.
More interesting.