Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beautiful Decay

There is beauty even in decay.

The Apple - Famously Irresistable

This apple,
my first commission,
 was made from a beautifully shimmery, gold tinted, red ceramic dish.
The stem, leaf, and bottom-end flower remains
 were hand forged (by my man) from sheet copper.

I designed this apple with a religious theme in mind.
 The seeds, on one half, form a heart shape representing God's love. 
The worm, eating it's way through the other half, represents the serpent
that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden. 

I had nearly resigned to use some bright red ceramic tile 
that I had purchased because I could find nothing finer.
Then there it was, in the last place I looked,
a perfectly glowing, deep-red ceramic dish that was supremely suited for this "Forbidden Fruit" sculpture.


I knew the bright red that I had forgone for the gold-lustre red was not well suited to my vision at the time, but I never stopped wondering if that particular red, that lacked the depth I desired for that particular piece, could still satisfactorily dress an apple.


Turns out, it did!
It looks deliciously crisp and sweet,

yet sour.

Notice this apple has a dual nature too?
I guess I couldn't resist; It just seems natural.
More interesting.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Celebrating my first Peony bloom this season.

Bi-Polar Totem

She's on, then she's off, like the flip of switch.
One second she's wonderful, the next she's a...
well...she's different.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Sweet Surprise

Playing with swirls,
like waves and tendrils.
I created a sweet surprise.
Can you see her,
 among the tentacles and seaweed,
 a mermaid in disguise?

Soft and Sweet

I love the pattern on the china used for this piece
-soft and sweet  
It was a fun bit of change
 to mix organic design elements with some more
architecturual line and pattern.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Stuff Fairytales Are Made Of

Unicorn Planter

Swan Planter

Secret Garden Mirror

This Dreamer's Art - Mosaic

Usually, I like to study, and plan, and have all my tools and supplies lined up before I try a new craft.
But, this time I just couldn't wait to get everything in place.
I had to go for it.

Hummingbird Garden

I started with a hammer, a pair of standard pliers, some colored tiles, adhesive grout, and a rock.
Very quickly, I decided that I must have some more appropriate cutting/shaping tools in order to achieve the cuts and soft edges that I wanted.
That was 10 years ago.
I have been making mosaics ever since.
I still enjoy creating art in other mediums, but my mosaic muse haunts my every creative thought.