Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Apple - Famously Irresistable

This apple,
my first commission,
 was made from a beautifully shimmery, gold tinted, red ceramic dish.
The stem, leaf, and bottom-end flower remains
 were hand forged (by my man) from sheet copper.

I designed this apple with a religious theme in mind.
 The seeds, on one half, form a heart shape representing God's love. 
The worm, eating it's way through the other half, represents the serpent
that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden. 

I had nearly resigned to use some bright red ceramic tile 
that I had purchased because I could find nothing finer.
Then there it was, in the last place I looked,
a perfectly glowing, deep-red ceramic dish that was supremely suited for this "Forbidden Fruit" sculpture.


I knew the bright red that I had forgone for the gold-lustre red was not well suited to my vision at the time, but I never stopped wondering if that particular red, that lacked the depth I desired for that particular piece, could still satisfactorily dress an apple.


Turns out, it did!
It looks deliciously crisp and sweet,

yet sour.

Notice this apple has a dual nature too?
I guess I couldn't resist; It just seems natural.
More interesting.