Saturday, 3 December 2011

Journal Pages

As a  child, I always liked the idea of keeping a diary. 
But, most of my writing seemed so mundane when I later revisited it-the rest was
far too personal to ever chance being read by others.
As an adult, all of my journals (except for my last) met the same end as those diaries-I destroyed them.
Instead of destroying this latest one, which I managed to write in (irregularly)
 for a few years, I decided to re-purpose the pages and create my first
visual journal.
I rather liked the idea of adding layers to each page instead of destroying them.
These made-over pages are more congruent with my personality.
I've never been a wordy person, but rather quiet and introspective - so much going on in my head and heart, not so much being verbally expressed. 
Scanner error: top words should be orange.
Artist error: word churnig = churning
 The underlying writings on each page are (mostly) my
oh-so-private inner thoughts.
 The overlying layers are visual expressions of those thoughts accompanied by just enough words to comfortably convey a thought or message.
I still have many old journal pages to cover over in this book.
But, when those pages are finished, I will start a new one in this same manner -
writing first, then layering to cover it over. 
The writing is cathartic. It feels good to pen my thoughts onto paper.
And then, it feels safer to masque... shroud... alter... distort... 
It seems to me that having that first layer of writing is a necessary step. 
Those words... thoughts, help in guiding...forming the succeeding layers.
In this journal I feel free to play and experiment with a variety of materials including
(but not limited to) gesso, acrylic and watercolor paints, gel pens,
magazine clippings...
Some are are more playfull, while others are guided by deeper thoughtful desires.
Some of these pages actually help me to work through issues that concern me.
Like, this page on dreaming...
I did set an intention to remember my dreams.
Only two mornings later I was able to recall what I had been dreaming and have done so ever since.
Many other pages are full of doodles, some of which actually turn into design ideas for other works.
She evolved from this snippet on a page full of bird doodles.
There are two other birds on this page that will later be translated into
mosaic works.
I will save them to show when those works are complete.