Friday, 21 September 2012

Meet Babette

a bird of a different feather.
She's the beguiling one. 
I do enjoy creating these birds.
Each with a different personality,
and story to tell.

  This is where Babette originated. 

She's Got a Black Heart

Madame Lizzette

 Finally finished - grouted black.
Well, almost finished;
still need to fashion her hanging hardware.

Look at the light reflected from the mirrored border.
Don't let that halo fool you.

Interesting how dramatically her color changes in different light.
Her true color is somewhere in between these two,
as seen in the top photo.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Madame Lizzette

Madame Lizzette

She's got a black heart.

Almost complete - still needs to be grouted - black (no doubt).
There'll be updated photo's for sure.

 Madame Lizzette is the second in a series of birds.
Remember Coquette? She was the first.
Now, on to the next.