Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Quince Tree

This old tree has been producing fruit like crazy
ever since the center portion of the trunk rotted out and broke away a few years ago.
It's so overwhelmed with fruit that it's being dragged to the ground.
 I 'd been postponing this chore till my sweetheart and I had time together to do it.
But, when I heard yesterday that a flooding rainstorm was rolling in, I rushed out to unburden it.
Though the skies were mostly grey, it was quite warm and it turned out to be an enjoyable task. 
I was so energized afterwards that I went on to the next much needed chore of clearing out the rain gutters.
That was a messy job, indeed!
But, If it hadn't been done our house would now have water flowing like a waterfall from 3 sides of the roof. 
What a difference here in the before and after photos.
The old tree looks light and perky again - no chance of being broken down in the storm.
 I've never known what to do with the pretty, but dry and kinda pithy, fruit other than to display it in bowls. 
It fills the house with a delightful pineapple-like aroma.
One year though, as a novelty, I found an old Minced Meat Pie recipe and made one using Venison, Quince and Brandy. It was pretty good, but most folks would only take my word for it.
This year though, I searched for recipes using Quince
 and I found 2 that I will be making soon.