Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shabby Decanter

Using dishware to create mosaic pieces 
(rather than fairly uniform, flat glass or tile)
can be especially challenging.
The best dishware has varying thickness throughout, sumptuous curves,
 and plenty of pesky footers to contend with. 
They also, often, have lovely ornamental edging that begs for special treatment.
 I really enjoy finding ways to incorporate all of the dish's features into my pieces, 
creating as little waste as possible.
You can see that the shoulders on this bottle were created using 
deep bowl footers. 
And, the hips with shallow bowl, and plate footers.
 Why not display the dishware stamp as a focal? 
Until now it has spent all it's life hidden underneath.
I think it adds a special charm.
And, that beautifully textured, ornamental edging allowed for the perfect
finishing touches on the top and bottom edges of the mosaic-ed areas. 
Without that, I may not have left the gorgeous 
bottle green glass to shine through.