Sunday, 5 May 2013

Happy Hives

Tonight is the night!
We pick up our 2 nucleus hives of bees - 2 weeks earlier than expected.
We got the call night-before-last that the nucs were bursting at the seams, and that the bees are ready to move into a bigger home. 
I didn't know which way to turn to start tying up the several loose ends 
that we thought we had 2 more weeks to complete.
This was the big one.
I wanted to paint the hives in my favorite colors, 
rather than leave them plain white.
I had actually planned for that this weekend, 
but not in the fast-and-furious style that it ended up being.
They say that painting side-by-side hives each a different color 
helps to prevent drift.
If they're all the same, forager bees sometimes return to the wrong hive,
leaving their own hive low in numbers,
and another with a high population.
  Since bees see in color, they will recognize which hive is theirs 
if it's unique to the others.
So, I bought 'Caribe' blue & 'Intoxication' green.
But, I just couldn't bring myself to paint the boxes solid colors.
Hopefully the bees will recognize left and right pattern orientation and know which hive is home.