Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Long Live the Queen

We've now done our 4th 
weekly hive inspection and things are buzzing along nicely in both hives.
The larger colony reached 80% capacity 
so we added another brood box to allow them to expand upward 
to prevent overcrowding and the urge to swarm.
That same colony has built a queen cup that can potentially become a queen cell.
If it were being built at the bottom of the frame, 
it would be a sign that the colony is planning to rear a second queen 
in order to divide and swarm.
this cup is in the center of the frame.
which is an indication that the colony is considering supersedure.
If the queen is too old, 
or the colony has decided she is not performing up to par, 
they may rear another queen to replace her.
We should be able to tell with the next inspection if they have decided to do so.
Time will tell.