Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sweet Success!

I was wondering how long it would take -
to get my first Etsy sale, that is.
I've been looking in on my shop every day since I opened it
to check out the stats,
and see how many people are taking notice.
It's been fun watching items, and my shop, being 
favorited by people across the globe.

one fine day,
there it was...
And, a double sale, at that!

I was so nervous.
 I had no preparations for packaging,
and by the time I got it all figured out the post office had already closed.
Now, I know not to dally when shipping on a Saturday.
So, then,
to wait till Monday...
how excruciating!!!

Lovely Notion & Sunning Salamander

check this out...
A second sale the following month,
of 3 beads this time!
the excitement!!!

Neptune's Sun, Thrill Seeker & Ursula's Embryo

I wanted to do something nice with the packaging
that shows off how special the beads are
immediately upon opening.
I'm very happy with what I came up with,
and it's easy to customize for each sale.
I think I'll stick with it!

Did you notice that each buyer has certain color preferences?
Oranges with green and ivory for #1;
brights with blue for #2.
It'll be interesting to see how future sales trend.

here's the kicker.
As if getting noticed,
and getting sales,
and seeing my little creations make their way out into the world
isn't exciting enough...
I also get the ultimate joy of seeing what others do with them!
Like this...

That's my "Sunning Salamander" bead tucked in
with the other lovely baubles on
  Carol Murray's
Abstract Lampwork Bead Bracelet.

Sweet success!
Here's to keepin' this ball rollin'!
here's to gettin' it snow ballin'!!!