Sunday, 24 January 2016

Monday, 18 January 2016

Plain and Simple, or Not

Plain and simple, 
things didn't go as I had planned for 2015. Happenings and circumstance diverted my attention so that I couldn't focus my time and energy on what I had desired. But, since other things that I'd longed for finally came to be, I will accept that as the achievement that was meant to be.

Plain and simple.
Perhaps that's how I should keep my intentions for 2016,
or not.

With my attention diverted from creative pursuits for so long now, It's been challenging to get back into that mode. I'm almost afraid to set a creativity focused intention for this year. Almost. 
A bit more time is all that's needed, I'm sure, to marinate in my desires. I desire all that I did last year, and then some. So, for now, I shall keep it
plain and simple
and just get a feel for creating again.